Our Journey

Our Journey

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Ride around the City

First real ride on the road in Colorado Springs. Much different than rural central IL roads.  It went better than I expected. Some amazing wildlife and views!

Dodging afternoon thunderstorms!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Yard and house work

Moving rock. Slow, tedious work. Big rocks. A bobcat would be nice, but I think I can get it with shovel and wheelbarrow. Will expand the yard by 10-15 ft in some places. Just the first of many steps to get the yard where we want it. 

Painting! Natalie's adding some red to the kitchen. I love it! It really pops. 

I tore out the barberry bushes along the front of the house. I despise those things!! Spent too much time in my childhood trimming and cleaning up after those things! Some native low water flowering shrubs and a coffee patio set will take their place. 

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Smoke n Brew & Pickleball

Yesterday we headed up to Evergreen to see my cousin Steve and enjoy some home brews and BBQ. It was great to see some extended family as well as meet some new people. We even had a little private concert courtesy of Bill Poss. 

Pickleball was my favorite activity in high school PE. I've continued to play a few times a year since then. Fortunately, it's also a favorite sport of people in Colorado. So my brother in law and I headed out to check out the courts yesterday. We also played today... So much fun, and amazing outdoor courts in the shadow of Pikes Peak. So good being back in Colorado!